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When it comes to the appearance of your home it is important to ensure that your external decoration is just as attractive as your internal aesthetic. At Riveroo Groundworks & Landscapes, we can help you to create a beautiful home with our expert paving services.

Paving in Liverpool

Riveroo Groundworks & Landscapes offer an expert and experienced paving service throughout Liverpool. The beautiful thing about paving is that you can create a unique design using a variety of styles, techniques and materials. Whether you are looking to have a simple, patterned pathway or an intricate motif for your driveway, Riveroo can complete any paving project on your property.

Paving is highly important not only for its aesthetic purposes but also for the way it helps to protect your paths and driveway. Regular pressure caused by vehicles driving onto the driveway or from people walking over the paths. The paving can help to protect your property by creating a sturdy surface that can take the weight of the people and vehicles passing over it. Furthermore, your paving should be laid to a gradient or on top of a permeable area. This will help any rainwater drain away, rather than pooling on your property. Moreover, this is particularly important if you own a commercial building. A commercial building is more likely to have a higher level of footfall and more vehicles than a domestic property and so will need to ensure that its paths and driveways are durable.

Block Paving in Liverpool

At Riveroo Groundworks & Landscapes, we are experts in block paving. Whether you are looking for a simplistic patterned driveway, or an intricate mosaic, we can build you a block paving driveway that will enhance your property.

Block paving is an inexpensive way of complimenting the beauty of your home. With a wide selection of different stones and colours, we can help advise you on how to get the most from your driveway.

The importance of block paving on the appearance of your home cannot be underestimated. The colour of the stone should emphasise the building, and draw attention to the adjacent garden. With our expertise, we can advise you on what colours and type of stone would best supplement your property.

The beauty of block paving lies in its low maintenance needs. The stones are permeable, so allow rainwater to wash away, rather than pooling up on your driveway. It is also very easy to keep clean, by brushing and hosing away any dirt you can have your driveway looking brand new. Each block paving job is finished by sealing the gaps between each stone. This helps protect your driveway or patio from any weather damage, dirt or petrol stains.

Indian Stone in Liverpool

Popular throughout the UK since the 1990’s, Indian stone is renowned for its beautiful appearance, its range of colours and its durability. It is highly resistant to water absorption and frost resistance, and can withstand many physical exertions.

Commonly used for patios, driveways and pathways, Indian stone is not only attractive but is also relatively inexpensive in comparison to other types of stone.

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